Q Values Statement

The only requirement for attendance at Q is a desire to experience spiritual awakening and to respect our values. Here are Q’s evolving values that were originally laid out at our first meeting, June 3, 2012.

1 – We value asking questions, wonder, and the mystery of the Divine, rather than pretending we have all the answers.

2 – We value focusing on our own weaknesses rather than judging others’ (Jesus said to take the plank out of our own eye before helping our brother with a speck in their own).

3 – We value authenticity, and sharing honestly about our own experiences.

4 – We value freedom. This includes freedom to say yes or no and freedom from the Lie.

5 – We value justice and taking a stand against oppression. Q is committed to being a safe place for everyone.

6 – We value being accountable and totally transparent with the funds we receive only desiring to pay the bills and help others.

7 – We value becoming a generous people because we want to care for each other and those in need. Finances are one indicator of our generosity, as are offerings of heart, ear, possessions, practical service and inviting others to share in the Goodness of the Spirit that invites us.

8 – We value commitment, because to stay spiritually healthy we need these gatherings and because others need us to show up for them.

9 – We value dependence on God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus as we understand them as well as on each other. At Q help is not a “four-letter word.”

10 – We value the Bible as Holy, and Baptism and Communion as expressions of Divine experiences.

11 – We hold unity in high regard and believe that learning to love, learning to speak the truth in love, and remaining committed in spite of our struggles is what true community is all about.

12 – We also like to joke & have fun, and try not to take ourselves TOO seriously! And we may occasionally swear.

We understand that because we differ from what some want in a faith community, we will not suit everyone. We do not try to be all things to all people, we simply try to be who we feel our God has called us to be.

We are led by the Spirit as the Spirit leads us (a) personally (b) through our leadership team and (c) through our overall group conscience. Our leaders are simply trusted servants, have spiritual weakness, and are on a path of growth and awakening just like us.

At this Q meeting we adhere to a policy of no cross talk. Cross talk is defined as speaking directly to another person rather than the group, questioning or interrupting the person speaking or offering any form of advice to others. Instead we ask that you share from your own experience, strength and hope or wherever you’re at today.