Q faith community faq

Why is it called Q?

It started out as Q for Queer friendly. Then when we remembered the Q in LGBTQ stood for “Questioning” we thought – we can all fit into that! Questions have always been such an important part of our spiritual journeys. Later we learned about the Q gospel, a possible source document for the gospels, and they used the Q for Quelle, which means Source, which is very much what we are sensing a returning to. So all in all, in many different ways, Q is a fit for our community.

I may have different opinions about God or Christianity than are expressed here on your site, am I still welcome?

Yes. The only requirement for Q membership is a desire for spiritual awakening and a respect of our basic values. As long as you can respect others’ opinions, your right to your own too can be respected.

Do I have to share at a Q gathering?

No. Sometimes we just feel like listening, so we ‘pass’ when it comes to our turn. There is no right or wrong, you can truly just come as you are.

I can’t always make it. If I come to one Q meeting, do I need to attend regularly?

We do encourage a value of commitment within our group because we realize how ‘busy’ and self-focused we all can be, and we want to meet for an hour a week to grow, but also to be there for one another. That said, another value we have is that “we understand that none of us can be perfectly committed”. So we just ask you try your best, and that’s good enough for us.

Do I have to bring money?

If you’re new to Q, no. We do not want you to bring an offering, just yourself. If you’ve been coming for a while and are enjoying the Q experience, we do encourage you to join the movement and bring a donation to help pay the bills. We also have some members that have chosen to offer monthly support so that we can do good works far beyond ourselves. Q supports our friends like Love Without Agenda, gives food to the homeless (and learns from the homeless too), Q supports members desires to do service work with organizations like Word Made Flesh and creates resources like the Just for Today bookmark, and even this website. Our primary purpose is to experience spiritual awakening, and to help others to do the same. This happens in a variety of ways, and our gift of resources makes this happen, but most importantly giving away our ‘treasure’ also (importantly) transforms us.

How do I know you aren’t abusing the financial side of things?

Q believes in full transparency with its funds. There are two people on the bank account, the leadership team gets updates on to how funds are being used, and what is received is accounted for and can be sent to any member upon request. All financial decisions are made with leadership team feedback.

How many people attend Q gatherings?

6 – 25

Does Q have a leader?

No. Q believes in a fairly flat structure, which means that many members serve, lead and decide where Q is to go, just like other 12 Step modelled meetings.

Is there anyone that wouldn’t fit in at Q?

Yes. We find that people who feel comfortable in a regular church service or with the existing church structure don’t seem to feel Q is a fit for them. That doesn’t mean that Q is right or the other structure is right, it just means we all have different ways of seeking The Creator. What we often say is “Q is just one letter in the alphabet. And there is also an A church, a B church, a C church and so forth. We need all of the letters to be a whole Body”. So feel free to go where you find you connect with YHWH the most.

If there isn’t a Q near me, can I host one?

Yes, we are working on making materials available for this. For more information stay connected to our site or email connect@qfaithcommunity.com to be put on our email list.

Can I Skype into Q?

Currently we can have a few people Skype into Q depending on the quality of the line. This is not our long term plan, as we’d rather help you host a Q with people face-to-face, but we understand that some people don’t have this option at this time.

Anything else I need to know about Q?

If you feel you’d like to try Q, we know how hard it is to make the commitment and put yourself out there. Plus we live in a very busy world. But we encourage you to take a leap of faith and come at least once. Most of us have been surprised at how good we feel once we have.

What if I have more questions?

When you make your first visit to a Q Faith Community, you will receive a list of members who are available to take your call at any time.  Please don’t hesitate to call on any of them to ask your questions.  And ask them why they keep coming back each week – you’ll be surprised at their answers.