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about Q faith community

Although Q started as a response to the overt (and subtle) prejudice, judgment & exclusion found within Christianity toward our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, is has evolved. We still think its important to be open and vocal in our culture about the opression that exists within many faith communities about those 5 heavily debated scriptures (while hundreds on helping the poor, or on love are ignored) but we have also found that our gay friends & family are spiritual seekers like us, so advocacy isn’t our focus. Once we can all gather on equal ground we’ve found there’s LOTS more to talk about when it comes to seeking The Source.

Q is open to anyone that is seeking spiritual answers, a place to be real, and deeper meaning… Read more »

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inside Q faith community

What brought each person to Q? What has their experience been like? What’s their opinion about who God is? Answers from real Q members…